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Because of our unique role in shepherding families through the process of grief, we know that we are more than just a business; we are a key part of the local community, and that’s a role we take seriously. We are honored to serve our neighbors during seasons of mourning and loss, and to provide comfort through uncertain times.

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Published: March 25, 2019

This will come as no surprise to any one that gets up each and every day.   You are getting older, your obligations do not pay for themselves, and your lack of planning is catching up with you quicker than you ever expected.  

Life is separated into three periods of time for all of us as we get older: 1) Getting started (childhood, adolescence, maturity) – when someone else is providing for us the basic necessities of survival 2) Life obligations (adulthood, marriage, work) – when we are providing for ourselves, our own family network, and the decisions we made with or without sound judgement 3) Later life (retirement, friendships, faith, death) when we are caring for our parent’s well-being along with supporting their dignified death, our own mortality, and our value on friendships and our faith as we look back on our history and face retirement.

Getting older is inevitable, unless you are actually not getting older by some miracle or pharmaceutical breakthrough.   As we are getting started we all needed others to provide warmth, guidance, education, a home base including, if you will, ethics, morals, discipline, along with a myriad of other things.   Physically we can grasp the notion of getting older.   Over time our bodies exhibit a history of traveling through earlier years as we are getting started and even as we move into life obligations, each and every morning you see and feel the experience your body has endured.   Obviously getting older for each of us is different, but again it is inevitable.

Positive or negative, getting older was, is, and will always be our foundation and framework as human beings.   We call it terms that sound so grand like educated, professional, mature, senior, knowledgeable, elder, tenured, vested, and righteous.   As if any word, dignified and grand, or not, can keep us from getting older or help to soothe the history of experience our bodies have endured while doing so.   Experience, in itself, implies that we learned something.   Anything.   As if one person can better get older than another or experience better history than another.   Learning from experience as we get older bases the truth of your success in doing so on you and only you.   Your parents, your town, your siblings, and your environment as you get older are history, and they do not prove whether you will be successful at learning from your experience or not.   They are, in fact, for the majority of human beings, excuses as to why you did not learn or were not successful.   Stop blaming and focusing on the negative!   Start learning and experience serving a purpose.   Your purpose.

Obligations are also inevitable.   With every action there is a consequence, positive or negative.   The adage that taxes and death are the only certainties in life is amusing, to say the least, because one obviously can get through life without paying taxes, just look at some 22-24% of the United States population today.   Death on the other hand, well this topic comes later.   Financially or by other means one will pay for obligations that one made with or without sound judgement.   Arguably, sound judgement seems to lead to less of unwanted obligations, and experience gained from history offers one a better chance to limit unwanted obligations as well.

The thought of unwanted obligations is a fascinating topic to me because, again, this suggests one was not able to experience history and learn.   Perpetuating an unwanted obligation or a series of failing to experience history and learn is an excuse.   In fact, one might use terms as grand as negligible, immature, unethical, immoral, childish, lazy, and undisciplined to describe continual unwanted obligations.   Any human being can learn from history, and have a positive experience, in fact, overcome unwanted obligations.   Again, stop blaming and focusing on the negative!   Start learning and experience serving a purpose.   Your purpose.

To say that an unwanted obligation cannot be overcome is unfounded.   In fact, history has shown that one can experience an unwanted obligation, for example, jail time for committing a crime, learn and then not perpetuate the unwanted obligation.   The key is learning!   History is full of experiences of unwanted obligations.   We only choose to exhibit or discuss excessively the larger scale when discussing this topic, such as war, famine, drug abuse, prostitution, abortion, obesity, pre-existing conditions, and on and on we go.   All of these and many more are unwanted obligations of a larger failure to learn from history.   Needless to say, this topic will not be resolved quickly, nor is it an experience the majority of us deal with on a daily basis.

The lack of learning from history the majority of us experience is what we need to fear the most.   Things like charging for unneeded items on a credit card, spending money one does not have and will not be able to pay back, procreating more offspring when one has little funds to pay for the size of their family already, lack of faith or a regular focus on a purposeful life, or poor diet and minimal to no exercise in one’s daily regimen.  Honestly, there are very few individuals that can, and not be lying, say they do not fit into one, if not most, of these categories.

Why is this such a big deal?   The obvious, we are all getting older.   Remember it is inevitable.   Increasing debt, spending out of control, increased people on the planet using more resources, a disconnect with something, anything above one’s self, and an ever-increasing number of lower income and overweight individuals produces unwanted obligations at an increasing and alarming rate never before experienced in history.    And the other obvious, any person today between the ages of 32 – 60, mostly Generation X’ers, are going to be dealing with the unwanted obligations without being the one’s who failed to learn.
            How will Generation X’ers have to deal with the unwanted obligations?    Lack of Planning!   It is inevitable.   Lack of planning by what will soon be the oldest population in the United States, the Baby Boomers.   Specifically, lack to plan for retirement; housing, healthcare costs, medications, wills, trusts, insurance, death care, etc.   Who will have to pay for all of the Baby Boomer’s getting older and their failures to learn from the experience of history?   Generation X’ers.   The shear number of Baby Boomer’s in poor health, on limited incomes, and needing care they cannot provide financially for themselves is becoming too massive.   By 2030 this problem will be fully upon us and will most likely expand over a twenty year period up to the year 2050.   If steps are taken over the next 12 to 15 years, then there is a chance that the term retirement will not be altered permanently, or even worse, erased from history entirely.

The solution?   Generation X’ers have to use their best tools, planning and organization, to get the Baby Boomer’s and all other generations covered by a minimum of 1) limited “end of life” Insurance / transfer of risk 2) death care / Advanced Planning documented and paid for 3) financial plans drafted with a Financial Planner and wills/trusts drafted with an Attorney 4) faith / a purpose greater than one’s self.

“End of Life” Insurance / transfer of risk: this will be needed to off-set your expenses in helping to cover short falls for an individual you care for or care about with regards to costs of medications, living expenses, including living expenses, such as lodging in your residence, food, your time and effort to manage assets, and other related expenses.DO NOT LEAVE YOURSELVES WITHOUT REIMBURSEMENT OR FAIL TO VALUE YOUR TIME AND PURPOSE

Death Care / Advance Planning: this will be needed to organize vital information and document what the individual would like to have happen after death; Paying up front will limit assets today to lower tax burdens and will also offer less money at the time passing occurs out of pocket by Next-of-Kin.DO NOT FAIL TO DISCUSS THE DESIRED WISHES AND PAY FOR THOSE DESIRED WISHES BEFORE DEATH OCCURS**The costs today will be much lower than the future!!!

Financial Plans / Wills / Trusts:this will be needed to outline a means to transfer assets to children or any desired individual over time to minimize tax liability, such as dividends on 401(k), pensions, or trusts at the time death occurs and to better discuss who is to receive any personal assets so they can prepare financially before those assets are transferred.DO NOT FAIL TO PLAN OR UNDERSTAND THE LAW AS IT RELATES TO INHERITANCE, DISBURSEMENTS, AND TAXES BEFORE ASSETS ARE TRANSFERRED OR CAPITAL IS LIQUIDATED.

Faith / a purpose greater than one’s self:this will be needed to emphasize the dignity of life, respect for experience, human achievement, helping others benefit even when it may mean we lose.DO NOT FAIL TO FIND A PURPOSE THROUGH FAITH, RELATIONSHIPS THAT ARE BUILT ON SERVICE TO OTHERS, AND THE STRENGTH OF COMMUNITY TO ACCOMPLISH THE UNTHINKABLE.

It is inevitable, we are all getting older, our obligations do not pay for themselves, and our lack of planning is catching up with us quicker than we ever expected.   History has already proven that unwanted obligations can be minimized by learning from experience and setting a new course.   It can be done!   If we learn, as we get older, plan ahead to minimize unwanted obligations, and handle our own responsibilities, such as our health and finances, then there is a better chance that this certain disaster can be avoided. 

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